Tel Dan

We continue our series of videos with going up to the Golan Heights, to visit the northern part of Israel. We begin with Tel Dan, the head spring of the Jordan River and the northern border city of the land of Israel as the Bible says when it uses the term “from Dan to Beersheba”

We will talk about Jeroboam king of Israel and the city he built, we will see and talk about the city gates, both from the Israelite period and from the Canaanite period, and of course we will mention the Golden Calf that Jeroboam had put in the Temple in Dan.

Dan is a beautiful nature reserve, with the Dan spring in it, giving water to the Jordan river, this city was one of the main cities in biblical periods.

Lots to show and say about Dan !

The river Dan and the nature reserve

The city of Dan

Jeroboam builds Dan

Gates of Dan

The sacred area

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