About us: Meet Moshe Malka

Shalom and greetings from Israel !! My name is Moshe Malka. I’m an official licensed tour guide in Israel and I invite you to visit Israel, the Holy Land, with me.

Our tours are all tailored specially to meet your request. We work closely with our clients to draw out an itinerary according to their needs to experiencing this unique country just the way they wanted it to be.  We cater small groups in a ‘private car tour’ (with fully a/c 6 seater car Mercedes V-Class van) or big groups in a comfortable coach. Whichever way you choose, together we will build your trip and make it a once in a lifetime experience.

See you in Israel!

Come, learn some more about my company:

Israel With Moshe was established in 1992 by Moshe Malka, a tourist guide, licensed with the Ministry of Tourism. We have spent many years organizing mission trips and leading tour groups and individuals throughout Israel. We provide a comprehensive tour package for individuals or groups, for Israel, Jordan and Egypt. All tours are conducted by professional tour guides who speak English and other languages.  To ensure our clients’s safety and comfort we only use comfortable and licensed vehicles with experienced licensed drivers.

With our carefully planned itinerary we will make your trip to the Holy Land a special event. We will assist with flight arrangements, travel insurance, accommodations, ‘follow-the-bible’ tours of the Holy Land, Bar and Bat Mitzvah trips, leisure trips, trips to nearby countries, or any other requests to make your travels special.

Moshe Malka was born and raised in Israel. His work experience today and in the past evolves around analyzing, planning and organizing. Today, he is busy organizing groups and tours and in the past his experiences led him to organize and program information. Following his career in the Israeli Air Force, in 1984, Moshe attended Bar Ilan University and studied Computer Sciences. This line of study introduced him to his initial career as a Computer Programmer and then a Computer Analyst. Although involved in Computer Science, his love has always been travel and tourism and it is no surprise that his software programs are specially designed for use by International Congresses and other organizations with large scale travel needs and specially geared for the field of travel and tourism. In 1991, he took the opportunity to enhance his knowledge of tourism and pursued his studies at the School for Tourism studies in Tel Aviv, a two and a half year program.

Whether you are planning a special tour for a Bar-Bat Mitzvah, wedding/anniversary, business/incentive or just a well deserved holiday, Israel can satisfy a wide range of interests, from ancient sites and desert activities to modern cities and ‘sun-n-sea’ excursions. No matter what your interests, your trip to Israel should be a special event. Your experience begins when you start your journey and will impact your life

Come and explore Israel with us. Here are some of the services we offer, all could be tailor made to fit your needs:

Travel Arrangements:
Ticketing for airline travel, travel insurance, airport pick up and drop off for large groups or one person, luggage transfers to hotels/destination

Hotel Arrangements and Accommodations:
Comfortable rates at leading hotels in Israel, Jordan and Egypt

Comprehensive Tour Services:
Customized tour services to locations of your choice: throughout Israel, accompany outside of Israel and assist in retaining services of other country’s tour services

Dining Arrangements:
Reservations for one or one hundred +, transportation to and from locations throughout Israel

Cooking, Photography, Shopping Excursions, Leisure and Entertainment trips:

Cooking vacations and hands-on experience cooking workshops, wine tours, cheese tasting and chocolate trips, photography trips in various landscapes, ‘shop till you drop’ trips, SPA vacations, ‘Sea n Sun’ experience, adventure tours