Beautiful Israel

In all my many years of being a tour guide, people always asked me: “why don’t you put everything you know on tape? Why don’t you write a book?”

I never had time for that, but now, being unable to guide since March 2020 and missing what I love doing, I decided to meet the challenge and start a series of short videos where I go through this beautiful country and give you a taste of it. Together, we will visit Israel from side to side !

Join me to watch this series of “Beautiful Israel”

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Below is a list of areas and sites in our series. The links in blue are for videos which were already published, links in black will be published as we go.
Please press on the area you want to watch, you will be transferred to a page with videos

Introduction to Israel


Megiddo and Mount Tabor

Haifa and Mount Carmel


Rosh Hanikra and the western coast

Chula Valley and the lookout to Lebanon and Syria

Safed, Jewish life and Kabbalah (still unavailable due to lockdown)

Golan Heights – Tel Dan

Golan Heights – Caesarea Philippi (Banias)

Golan Heights – Landscape, water, Druze and Mount Ben Tal

Golan Heights – OZ 77, wars of Israel and Geo Political situation in the Middle East

Tel Hazor

Around the Sea of Galilee

Beith Shean

Qasar El Yahud – Crossing place at the Jordan River


Ein Gedi


Dead Sea and area

Tel Beer Sheva

Tel Arad

Sde Boker and Nahal Zin

Craters in the desert

Eilat and the Red Sea


Jaffa and Tel Aviv