Monday, September 19, 2011 – Day 1

Tonight we will travel to Poland. I am going with my daughter Abigail, she is 17 years old, a senior in “Alon” school of art in Ramat Ha’Sharon, and her school is going on this very important program to visit the camps in Poland and study more about the holocaust. For me this is an important opportunity to visit the camps, but to do it with Abigail means alot to me, so I am very excited and am looking forward to this week together, as hard and emotional as it is going to be, I am sure this will be a learning experience for both of us, this is why I have decided to start this blog, not only for me, but also as a way for me to transfer some of what happened in the Holocaust to as many people as possible and to expose it to you. I am going to publish this on my website and encourage all my friends and clients to look at this.

I am hoping to bring here my thoughts, photos, maybe some videos or voices and enable you all to experience the journey to the camps through my eyes. It will be even more important since we will experience it also through the eyes of young boys and girls, a year from now they will be in the army, but kids their age were a big part of the victims in the camps and I hope to bring some of their stories here.

Lots of preparations still ahead of me, we are leaving later tonight, got to be at school around 9pm tonight. I am busy with these preparations, but also think of my feelings once I am there. Thanks God, my family wasn’t directly effected by the Holocause, but as a Jew and an Israeli, I feel that we are all holocaust survivors and so I wonder how will I feel when I am at the camps. It will be hard and very sad, very emotional I am sure.

It is after 10pm now, we are all at the bus ready to go, lots of excitment on the bus, lots of noise, all the kids are READY to go, we have a short flight, will get there around 4am and start touring immediately, this is going to be a non-sleep night for us.

We are at the airport already. Long check-in, late night flight into Katowice, small town not too far from Krakow, small airport, we will arrive there early in the morning, hopefully get some sleep in the plane, I will keep posting.

Kids are still energetic, I don’t think that they fully get the trip yet and like young people outside of school, they are happy, not sure they will stay in this mood once we land and start touring, Poland has it’s way to make you feel sad. These who came back well described it as a ‘gray place with an athmosphere of a graveyard’. This will be an interesting experience for sure.

Time to get on the plane. They are calling our flight. Time to go !

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