Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers

Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 is Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers in Israel.

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When you tour Israel on that day, you are always surprised by the fact that there is a siren going on at 11 am and life stops. Cars will stop, people will go out, everyone will stand still for 2 minutes and honor the fallen soldiers from all the wars of Israel and also the civilians, the victims of terrorism.

This year, on Memorial Day, we will remember the 23,928 soldiers who died during the different wars of Israel since 1860, and the 4176 civilians who were killed by terror attacks.

A total of 43 deaths were added to Israel’s list of fallen soldiers between the

previous Remembrance Day until now, with another 69 disabled persons dying as a result of injury in defense services.

Memorial Day in Israel is a very personal day. When that siren goes off, we all stand and remember certain people, friends and family, who lost their lives so we can continue living here and be safe. With such a huge number of dead, almost everyone here in Israel knows someone who lost his life in the war, so for us, this day is very sad, very personal, very Israeli.

May their living memory stay with us for ever!

Last year, I made a video about Memorial day. I am putting it here for you to watch, it will explain this day and the connection between this day and the following day, Day of Independence, it also gives you an understanding of the history of Israel from its establishment till now.


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