Our first series of videos will be about Caesarea, the beautiful port city that King Herod the great built on the Mediterranean Sea.

We will talk about King Herod himself, will try to understand what made him the king he was and what a great builder he was.

We will talk about Roman cities in general, how they were exactly the same all over the Roman world and about Caesarea and how unique it was as the capital city of the Roman in this area

Of course, we will mention Pontius Pilate and Christianity, since this is the first time a non Jew (Cornelius) was baptized to Christianity.

Lots to show about this amazing city along the sea !

Herod the great

Roman Aqueduct

Introduction to Caesarea – part 1

Introduction to Caesarea – part 2

Pontius Pilate

Caesarea port

Hippodrome and public toilets

Roman Theater

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